Programme Overview

The Academy is one of the longest established, and most comprehensive, natural healing curriculums in the world, with branches in New York, London and Prague.

Drawing on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist tonic herbalism, Ayurveda, Blue Zone diets, and modern nutritional breakthroughs we provide an in-depth and flexible approach focused on an individual’s constitutional and health needs. We aim to get you in touch with your own healing ability, intuition and wisdom through a combination of both theory and practical courses.

We tackle health issues, cultural trends and myths. Our graduates are empowered with clarity, willpower and passion to achieve their life’s goals and ambitions. We have lively in-house trainings, a rare occurrence in this day and age of so many online programmes.  Our cooking and practical bodywork classes create a fun, hands-on forum for experiencing the healing effects of the Longevity Diet principles across several platforms: sensorial, emotional, intellectual, and social. 

Life is a transformative process‚ a process of cultivation, experience and refinement. When we learn new ideas with practical applications, they gradually replace the negative patterns that previously led to illness and separation from the flow of life.

What does it take to master self-healing?  How can we live a long vital life without pain, ailments and degenerative disease?

At Academy, we teach important life skills that allow you to:

  • Cultivate a balanced mental attitude 
  • Develop adaptability 
  • Caster food as medicine
  • Embrace the mind and body connection
  • Connect with a supportive lifestyle 
  • Find your community, soul group and life purpose 
  • Study ancient teachings and modern science
  • Integrate practical skills for daily life 

There is NO dogma, fads, extremes, or calorie counting.

This is self-mastery. This is how we become truly free human beings.

Our Holistic Health Coach programme teaches students:

  • An introduction to Natural Healing
  • The ingredients of the Longevity Diet
  • Cooking with the ingredients of the Longevity Diet
  • Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine and food energetics
  • Learning about constitutional body types
  • Being your own doctor
  • Health Assessment 
  • The Barefoot Doctor techniques
  • Home remedies
  • Taoist tonic herbalism
  • Superfood elixirs and medicinal mushrooms
  • Cutting edge supplements
  • Principles of a longevity lifestyle
  • Meditation, massage, body work and exercises
  • Coaching and cultivating client rapport
  • Business development


Food affects our ability to maintain a healthy weight, regulate our moods, prevent the loss of vital life force and recover from disease. A balanced diet promotes harmony in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Therein lies the essence of the Longevity Diet. It is healing and rejuvenating, grounded in simple, whole, nutrient-rich foods. It is a deeply nourishing, combining time-honoured culinary traditions supported by scientific research.

Cooking classes topics include: how to eat for your constitutional body type * how to adapt diets to individual needs * how to be a successful vegetarian or vegan * how to use and find quality animal foods * how to cleanse, detox and rebuild * * practical ways to conquer sugar and other cravings * understanding acid & alkaline balance * proper preparation of grains and seeds * the truth about fats and oils * the Whole Soy Story * probiotic foods and recipes * fermentation workshop * seasonal menu planning * strengthening soups and stocks * cooking with sea vegetables *fortifying breakfast recipes * wholesome desserts * rejuvenating tonics and teas * cooking with Chinese longevity herbs *superfood elixirs * the Kitchen Pharmacy * recipes strategies for family meals * time saving ideas * knife skills * recommended kitchen equipment * kitchen staples.

Students also receive our extensive recipe workbooks.


Learn the principles of natural healing and longevity. Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine. Understand the healing wisdom of food energetics. Learn how to apply Yin, Yang, the Five Element Theory, the ancient science of Ayurveda medicine, and cutting edge Western nutrition.

Topics include: East/West comparison * characteristics of Traditional Diets * Dr. Weston Price theories * an exploration of Taoist philosophy * modern Macrobiotics and Ayurvedic medicine * food energetics * The Three Treasures * Yin and Yang theory * The Doctrine of Signatures * the behavioural impacts of foods * Dietary Therapy * The Cultures of Longevity * Longevity Diet concepts * cutting edge longevity supplements and how they work * digestion * the power of flavour * healing foods for common ailments * home remedies.


Learn time-tested health assessment skills. Discover intriguing diagnostic tools that will help you pinpoint the best actions to facilitate healing. Develop the facility to diagnose any state of energy imbalance. Detailed discussion, self-guided tests and course materials will enable you to master and practice these effective techniques.

Topics include: learning to assess your own condition * discovering your constitutional body type * identifying the stages of illness and development of spirit * recognizing signs and symptoms * understanding the Four Examinations; Tongue and Face Diagnosis; the Body Landscape; the Eight Traditional Questions and Patterns; the Four Deficiencies; the Seven Emotions * investigating the organs and their pathologies * exploring Qi and the environment * learning Ayurvedic health assessment * rooting ourselves in the Bigger Picture.

"By observing myself‚ others and their diseases are revealed to me. By observing symptoms, one gathers knowledge about internal disturbances."
~Nei Ching, Ancient Chinese Text of Internal Medicine


Expand your knowledge and skills in holistic methods. Experience techniques that will empower you to enrich your overall sense of wellbeing. Learn body-centered practices to help strengthen the food-body-spirit connection. Discover safe, effective, mind/body practices to share with your clients.

Mind/Body topics include: Do-In exercise programme * ginger compress treatment * moxa treatments * Shiatsu massage * acupressure points * aromatherapy * hot and cold compresses * Empty Mind * Waking the Tiger * Ayurvedic cleansing techniques * chakra energy * yogic breath * visualization, affirmations and healing Meditations.

Health can be defined as a state of balance and harmony in body and mind. Illness, in contrast, arises when mind and body have fallen out of balance.


As a graduate of the Academy Healing Nutrition, not only will you have the power to heal yourself, you’ll have the tools to coach others through their step-by-step transition to a longer, healthier life. A health coach is a master of communicating how to achieve habit change. When clients are ready to make a shift, you can guide and keep them motivated for a lasting result. Health Coaching is one of the most exciting industries to be in and it is emotionally, spiritually and financially rewarding.

Career Development topics: creating your mission and life purpose * defining your business identity * goal setting and action planning


There's never been a better time to practice Healing Nutrition. As a Health Coach, you can build your own distinct practice, grounded in your own unique talents, creativity, and knowledge. You will be qualified to coach your clients in these powerful practices which bring them sustained good health and energy.

Additionally, you will offer your clients encouraging motivation in their transition to the Longevity Diet, support in dismantling negative habits, and guidance in soul-nurturing life-style techniques. Specific services you might decide to offer include:

  • A Complete Dietary Assessment and Personalized Health Plan
  • Healing Recipes and Remedies for: mood, focus, energy, beauty, PMS, menopause, IBS, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, weight loss, cravings, candida, cancer prevention and remission, insomnia, allergies, skin ailments and more
  • Menu Planning Techniques
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Group Workshops
  • Health Food Store Tours
  • Creating a Kitchen Detox

Topics include: The elements of a 3/6/9-month coaching programme * how to build and sustain your practice * how to create an effective coaching relationship * establishing rapport * home remedies and natural prescriptions * marketing strategies * signature stories * pricing strategies * how to turn a contact into a client * how to attract and retain clientele

You’ll also receive: training in preparing client record forms and questionnaires * worksheets * legal disclaimers * hundreds of recipes * creative and nourishing meal plans. The Academy’s faculty have an average of 35 years of experience in health education and coach. We were among the first trainings to establish the following professional practices:

  • Health Coach
  • Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Longevity Diet Specialist

Take the next step! We look forward to you joining us.


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